Specialty Rugs - A Dyeing Art

A Dyeing Art

Khavaree at workAli Khavaree is a rug maker from the Khorosan Province who learned his techniques from an old carpet weaving master.  Using all vegetable dyes created from plants indegenous to his home province, he makes rugs in very limited quantities, featuring both flat weave and pile.

"Few people in my country recognize the value of perserving the techniques and processes that our ancestors praticed for centuries.  There are no books that explain which plants or flowers to combine to create certain hues.  My work is not merely about the commercial aspect of the business of rugs, but the preservation of centuries of fine carpet weaving." -- Ali Khavaree

Beautiful one of a kind pieces are woven of all wool.

Mr. Khavaree personally supervises the dyeing of all wool with only vegetable dyes.

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